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Rat removal is absolutely necessary if your home has been infested with rats or other rodents. Like all other types of pests, rats & rodents also look for a warm and safe place to build their nest, and preferably in a place where there’s a lot of food available. Having rats in your home can create huge problems for the owners. Rats often leave droppings wherever they go. Plus, due to their sharp teeth and claws, they can chew holes on furniture and other parts of the home in order to make their way. And, most importantly, they carry dangerous bacteria and disease that can prove profoundly harmful to the residents of a home.

If you have a rat in your apartment, home or workplace, then do not hesitate to give a call to the rat extermination experts at Pest off. We are a professional pest control company in Toronto offering rat removal services at reasonable rates. Our trained and certified professionals will rely on a combination of effective strategies to get rid of rats. Besides, we will also seal the entry points so that the rats don’t come back. Our rat removal Toronto team will cut no corners in performing a task. Our folks are incredibly committed and passionate about their job. Our rat removal professionals will use a variety of rat control techniques in order to successfully eliminate all rat problems.

Rat Removal & Extermination Toronto

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All our previous clients have been fully satisfied with our work. As a matter of fact, we get a lot of business from our clients’ referrals.

If you have got a rat problem and don’t want to deal with it yourself, then give a call to Pest off Toronto. Our Toronto rat extermination experts are helpful, hardworking, honest, reliable and experienced.

With us, expect nothing but the best.

Pest off Toronto Rat Removal Services: The Steps

  1. Rat Inspection:

Simply by removing the rats from a property won’t be enough. More importantly, finding out how they got inside a house is essential. Our trained technicians will do a full inspection of the house and find out how they got in, followed by sealing all entry points with steel and a sealant that stops air flow.

  1. Rat Removal:

Soon after the entry and exit points are properly sealed, the process of rat removal begins. Here, our professionals will employ effective rat trapping techniques in order to successfully trap the rats. Pest off Toronto rat removal experts will rely on traps, bait stations, and glue boards to get rid of rats.
Rat Removal Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill , Aurora

All in all, the staff of Pest off Toronto rat extermination is what you need to tackle a project like this. Our folks are well trained and have access to different types of poison, fumigants and cleaning supplies that help to perform the task, promptly and effectively.

To book a rat and mice removal services in Toronto, call us at (647) 429-2356 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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