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Can I expect immediate results from my service?

In most cases we ask you to give the service a week to 10 days to totally work as insects hide and don’t always come in contact with the products immediately.

What are the benefits of treating the exterior of my home along with the interior treatments?

By treating the exterior of your home this helps keep pests from moving inside.

What happens if I see pest activity in between my scheduled visits?

Contact the office. We always follow the label directions for the materials used, but we will retreat in between scheduled visits.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the use of all appropriate and economical strategies to manage pests and their damage to acceptable levels with the least disruption to the environment.

Are these treatments harmful to children or pets?

Pest off Pest Control uses Integrated Pest Management Practices and our Green Service which will give you superior results with fewer chemicals around your family. All materials are placed in cracks and crevices where pests are, and children and pets are not.

Why do I need ongoing pest treatments?

For a successful pest control program, ongoing maintenance is necessary to ensure control of any infestations and to help prevent future ones from occurring.

Do Carpenter ants destroy wood?

Yes. However, unlike Termites that eat wood, Carpenter ants hollow out wood for nesting purposes, leaving behind small piles of sawdust.

How can I tell if I have carpenter ants?

Carpenter ant workers range in size from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. They can be distinguished from most other ants by their heart shaped head.

Does Pest off treat indoors?

Yes, Pest off has a full service Pest Control division to handle all of your pest control needs.

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